Saturday, April 9, 2011

feeling/doing well!

I really need to get into posting more. I was doing sooo well for a while there, and then life happens. Silly life lol. Anyways, I've been doing well! Lost a couple more lbs and I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym! The way my mom puts it, is I need to feel like i'm worth the money, time and effort...and I do. I figured if I cut out one small expense a week i'm worth the expense of the gym. It's one more bill but at the same time, you only get one life. I've gone to the gym twice so far, and I've only been a member for like 5 days now. Unfortunately work gets in the way, and my foot has been an issue but i'm gonna push through it. My doc wants my foot imobilized and for me to rest it for a couple of days in a row. No way I can do that till monday when I'm off. I can't just call out of work :( Unfortunately. Plus being on my feet at work isn't the best, but, i'm doing what i've gotta do. I also went for the first time to the gym after work! I'm trying real hard to make an effort. I have a personal training session on tuesday that i'm really looking forward to! Just staying positive...taking it one day at a time :D
<3 Irena

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