Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the gym and I

So I have to say...the gym has become my new home away from home. Besides days that work is too crazy to get there, i'm there every day. In a week I was there 6 times, and I'm doing great! I'm learning to jog on the treadmill and work up a killer sweat. I'm burning about 1000 calories an hour and I have more energy than I've ever had. I swear, I always thought it was a myth that going to the gym would give you energy. But I'll work a full day, work out for an hour or two and then have the energy to do what I need to do at night. I'm so proud of my family too cause my sister has been going to the gym w/ me almost every day, and my mom has started taking the dog for a walk every day twice a day for 20 minutes. I can see a change for the positive in all of us and I'm so proud. I am down about 20 lbs and it's starting to show. Even everyone at work is saying my face looks thinner and so does my body. Makes me want to keep at it! Plus...it's such a phenominal stress reliever. I have been BEYOND stressed. This graduating thing is gonna kill me. I am just waiting now to hear what my final grade is and see if I've graduated or not. The old days the stress would make me eat...now, the stress is making me work out harder. I am still working on eating habbits, and getting the right ballance of calories and not just eating one big meal a day instead of a bunch of small meals. It's gonna take a long time till I get it totally right, but that's ok. I'm just gonna keep at it!!

<3 Irena

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