Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weigh in day!

Today I decided it was time to weigh in. It's been a little less than a week since i got on the scale and yayy for me, I'm down another 3 lbs. I've passed the 20 lb mark now, and I'm on to my next 20!! I watched that new show last night where you see one persons journey through losing weight for a year. This girl started out at 369 lbs or something to that effect and she lost like 160 lbs....in a year! I mean, she was spending like 3 or 4 hrs a day at the gym...but I feel like if she can lose that much in a year, I can certainly lose 100! By my birthday (which is July 9th) I plan to be down another at least 20 lbs and be at a new milestone for myself! That's the next goal in my set of goals. No need to think big picture, just 20 lbs at a time. And if I'm down another 20 lbs I'll be smaller than I've been in prob 6 or 7 years. That'd be absolutely amazing, and would just push me to keep going. I bought myself a pair of running sneakers today. The shoes I were wearing wern't cutting it, especially since I've been stepping it up at the gym. I don't have much of a budget for spending, but this is sooo worth it. Having what I need to make the most of my workouts is key. I'm looking forward to trying them out tomorrow after work! Might even try a class at the gym. we shall see! haha
<3 Irena

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