Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm blushing! :D

Not only has everyone I work with told me I look like i'm losing weight, but I actually got the best compliment tonight. It's from a girl who, without naming names said that I have inspired her. She told me that she is joining a gym because of me and that I should keep writing because it keeps her motivated. I have to say, that was the sweeeetest compliment I could get! I have more energy than I've had in such a long time, and I'm almost down to a weight I havn't been in a good 4 years or more! Working out is still a small struggle, only because it's boring...but I love the results so I try to have fun with it. Good music makes alllll the difference. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am hoping for positive results. I always get a little nervous even if I know i've been good cause I just don't want it to stop haha. Although, if I didn't lose much, then I just step it up this coming week! I love that my sister has joined the gym and is going with me. She's doing great losing weight as well and it makes me truly happy. It's wonderful to be able to text her and me tomorrow at noon? and then have each other to keep motivated. Fingers crossed for weigh in tomorrow...I'll let you all know how it goes! haha.
<3 Irena

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  1. I can't meet you at the gym because I can't leave my apartment because I can't use my bathroom. I can't use my bathroom because there's a big bug in there that I can't find that moves really fast and Jon isn't around to kill it. Help!


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