Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being sick is NOT good for weight loss :(

I went to the doctor yesterday and apparently I have a sinus infection. Lucky me. I'm on antibiotics now, but no rest for the weary...considering I was back at work today, having people breath all over me. Not happy about the fact that between my chest feeling tight, my throat hurting and my body aching I'm not all about getting my workout on. But I'm hoping it's just a matter of days till I'll be back to feeling great and I'll make up for lost time. I have to be extra careful with my food for the next few days too because It's my sisters birthday, and cake is inevidable! Now...I'm not saying I'm not excited for cake, cause a piece every now and then is good for the soul haha. However, I don't feel like I'm far enough along in my journey to not spiral and eat more than I should. So I'm going to really limit myself. One piece of cake and I walk away. NO seconds. And calories need to be mostly protien and low carb for a few days if I'm gonna be eating junk. I hate how we associate sweets with happy occasions. I can't wait to celebrate my sisters birthday. She's my best friend, and I love her more than anything. In turn, I want to be around with her till we're both old and grey and hitting each other w/ our canes haha, and have my mom there as well for as longgg as possible...and eating sweets is not the way to make that happen. I know I'm a bit over the top talking like that, since once piece of cake is not the start of binge eating...but I know myself. I wish we celebrated with a nice salad! haha. Wish me luck for the next couple of days and I'll post on how resisting temptation goes :D
<3 Irena

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