Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still going strong!

So, while I havn't lost much this week. I'm still at about 10 lbs down, I have fought with some demons and won, which I feel is almost more important. I had cake twice this week, both for birthday celebrations and neither time did i overindulge, or go back for seconds. The old Irena would have had seconds and then maybe thirds later in the evening. I have watched my calories and kept up with being as active as possible and it really feels good. I feel like i'm so much more in control of myself and I plan on this week being a good week with a good amount of weight lost. I'd like another 3 lbs this week. I am also planning on working out more this week. My foot is finally a bit better, and i'm almost over this sinus infection (although it's hanging on) and I really want to push myself more this week. Unfortunately the weather is supposed to be junk for the next couple of days, but I won't let that stop me. I have plenty of things I can do in the house, workout videos light weights and such. As long as ninja doesn't chase me around the house when i start trying to work out like he sometimes does haha. And even then, i'll be running around the house...so that counts as excersize haha. Staying positive!! :D
<3 Irena

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