Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Week Down!

My first week down and I feel like i'm doing great. Usually by a week in i'm already tired of watching what I eat haha but this week is different. It's not about food, it's about feeling better about myself. I worked on my feet for 5 hrs today and although I got home and was in pain with my foot, I iced it and moved on. For the first time this week I put my sneakers on and jumped on the elliptical machine. I only did 30 minutes before my foot started throbbing and I really had to quit...but I was really proud of myself for doing it. They say 30 minutes 3 times a week can help you lose and change how you are a bit...so my 30 minutes on top of my 5 hrs running around on my feet at work make a pretty good day. I am still eating right and counting my calories. Keeping them under 2000 a day as I should, and honestly, the lower the better. Although, I'm not at all trying to starve myself. I'm trying to eat a little something every few hours. Whether it be a fruit, a granola bar...something. I'm sticking to a couple of actual meals, and little snacks through the day so I never truly get STARVING. If I keep my metabolism going, and keep the starving feeling away I feel like i'll be able to control what I eat way better. When I get to that starving point then logic goes out the window...and I can't have that. We'll see what next week brings, but I'm planning on it being all good things! Good choices, and more weight loss :D. Now....to sleep. Gotta get those 8 hrs of beauty rest haha.
<3 Irena

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