Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 8 :D

I did well today. The calorie counting book that I have says that I should eat about 2100 calories a day to lose weight, but I figure, the lower I am (within reason) the better. Especially since i'm not working out real hardcore cause of my foot. So I had about 1700 calories today and I'm going to bed so I can't eat anymore. Night is the worst time for me. I'm sitting on the couch, watching tv, chatting with friends etc...and I just want to snack. Everyone loves snacking lol. But it's probably late night eating and snacking that helped me pack on these lbs. So I'm slowly trying to get myself to stop eating earlier and earlier. I'm aiming for not eating after midnight. Now I know that sounds mad late...but when I don't get home till 10 and haven't eaten dinner yet...midnight isn't all that late. So i'm trying real hard to eat my dinner, maybe have a fruit or something and then get my ass up to bed. There's no way i'll get to sleep early...but as long as I'm in bed watching tv, I won't get up for food. Even if my stomach starts to grumble, if i'm comfy, i'm not moving haha. Guess there's a +1 for laziness huh!? haha. On another note, I think the stress of being poor and stressed might kill me. I might actually go out of my mind worrying about how I'm gonna pay my bills. With that said, for the first time i'm keeping those issues and my weight issues seperate. I used to just say ohhh well, i'm too stressed to diet. Or, it's a bad day, I deserve a reward. I deserve to lose weight...and the rest of it will have to consume my mind in its own time. :D Off to go up to bed so I don't eat anymore! haha
<3 Irena

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