Monday, March 14, 2011

Weigh in day, just a day late lol

Yesterday was weigh in day, and while it was a positive day, I'm def coming down with something so I was just not up to posting at all. It was a long day at work, and then I came home and just felt icky. Not that i'm feeling any better today, actually i'm worse...but I need to keep on track. No reason why I should fall behind just because I don't feel well. So, I was down 3 lbs this week! Now, it's not a huge number...but considering it was that time of the month, plus my foot is still messed up and I'm totally getting sick, I'm proud. I can only say that this week will be as good if not better! I'm looking forward to getting past that 10 lb mark. Unfortunately there have been many times where I start to get overwhelmed, and almost afraid of losing weight. I'll get to the 10 lb mark and quit. Or i'll get over 10 lbs and then sabotage myself. NOT this time. This time i'm in it for the long run. I'm going to bed hungry, getting through my day hungry, making smarter choices and allowing myself a little room for error because at the end of the day, it's ok to be human. I am not going to make this a long blog because honesly, my bed is calling me. I have a doctors apt in the morning so hopefully i'll be back on the feeling good track in no time. I just wanna say, I've had over 400 hits on this blog and although not many of you comment or "follow" me, I do appreciate you reading what I have to say and I would love your feedback. :D
Night all!
<3 Irena


  1. Good for you sweets! Im proud of you!!


  2. Thank you both so much! :D Means a lot to me

  3. Yay you will FLY past the 10 lb mark! You can do it!!!


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