Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 5...I'm far too stressed

Today was a long day. I got up early for training for work, from 8-10, then I work from 3pm till 10. I have to say, my foot is absolutely killing me! I'm sooo over working on my feet every day, and the pain not getting better since I'm on my feet every day. I just want to be able to excersize! I also am having some personal issues. Men confuse me, they drive me crazy and I swear....I am just too nice and good to people who don't deserve it. That said, I'm channeling that energy into more positive things and thinking about myself. I have to focus on myself because I'm the only one who can make a difference in my own life. Yes, having a man who's as caring to me as I am to him would be wonderful. What would be more wonderful is to be truly happy with myself. I weighed myself today and since I started this blog...I'm down 4 lbs. That's almost a lb a day which feels AMAZING. I am sticking to it no matter who or what tries to stress me out. I'm realizing that sacrificing some things are worth it for the mental health. I'm going to pick one day a week to weigh myself...maybe it'll be on sundays, or mondays....But i'm gonna try not to weigh myself too often and just post my results once a week. Although, 4 lbs made me excited so I felt the need to share! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...filled with good choices, no foot pain and excersize!
<3 Irena

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