Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1...was not such a great day.

So i was in a rush today, because of course I hit the snooze button too many times. Of course that meant that I picked up some food. And some food, I meant a bagel. Which was a terrible way to start off the day. Followed that up with a slice of cold pizza and you have my day. Now, in the grand scheme of things, the total calories were prob not over what I should've eaten today...but I didn't count as I should, and I didn't make good choices. I did spend 6 hrs on my feet at work in constant motion, which is something. The thing is, when I get home from work, my feet hurt and I have no energy to first work out. So that's something I need to work on. How to get that motivation and how to get my body to keep up with my mind at the end of the day. I'll prob be up till like 2 am...most of it will be spent sitting on the couch watching tv and online. One day at a time. I can't change all of it at once, I just have to keep reminding myself of that. What I will do though is plan out my calories for tomorrow. I will plan it all out, and write it all down. For tonight, at least it's something.
<3 Irena


  1. Soooo know how you feel. I've been there for sure. I dunno if it's the same for you, but I find that when I make bad choices from the start of the day, I keep making them because I've "already screwed up anyways". It sucks and it's hard, but everyone has crappy days where it just DOESN'T work for whatever reason.

    Are you planning on keeping track of your calories any certain way? I'm not sure what kind of phone you have, but if you can get apps, download MyFitnessPal. It not only keeps track of the calories you eat, but you can also log your workouts and it'll tell you if you've gone over the calories you're supposed to eat and all that too. It's super convenient. I'm starting to use it again today.

    You can do it! <3

  2. I plan on keeping track of my calories just by using my itouch notepad...I usually just write down what I eat and subtract. But I'll most def look up that app! thanks :D. Also, it is hard to be good once you're already on the wrong path for the day...but we'll slowly learn to get over that I think. It just takes time. and practice!


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